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Unique CSRNot Your Average Customer Service…

You’ve heard everyone say it. 

                           “We focus on our clients.”

For Predictive Leadership Solutions, it’s not just a line on a website.  It’s who we are. We live it.  We breathe it.  We treat our clients the way we want to be treated. We know what you want - responsiveness, transparency, and expertise.  At PLS, we deliver superior service every day, with every interaction you have with any one of our team members. It’s that simple.

Not only do we provide you with outstanding service, but we give the same high level of support to your applicants. The applicant experience is directly related to your company's brand.  It can either set the stage for a wonderful onboarding or a bad first impression. Our exclusive Applicant Liaisons™ will assist your recruits with every step of the process.  From help with the completion of online forms to providing federally mandated report copies, your applicants will feel just as special.  We make the screening process painless.


Customer service basics say you answer the phone fast when someone calls and respond to emails and voicemails rapidly.  Pretty straightforward.  We do that very quickly.  Additionally we make sure we answer your questions right the first time. Even better, we will provide you with pro-active status emails in order to keep you informed throughout the process.


For Predictive Leadership Solutions, transparency means being up-front and direct whenever an issue should arise. We’ll tell you what happened, how it’s been resolved and most importantly, what will be done to prevent the issue from happening again.  We are always striving for continuous improvement so we’ll tell you about our improvement efforts too. Continuity of service is important to us.


As industry leaders, our staff is thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced.  Starting Day 1, we’ll help you make the great choices that will lead to great futures for your recruits and applicants. Additionally, we know your business will change over time. We will conduct regular account reviews of your program to ensure you are maximizing your spend and maintaining compliance.

Predictive Leader Solutions – we don’t provide cookie cutter service.  You’ll feel the difference. 

And so will your here to learn more.



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