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Robust PlatformUser-Centric Platform with Feature Rich Functionality

The PLS is simple to use yet comprehensive behind the scenes. We’ll work closely with you to implement the screening process that fits your hiring or recruiting workflow. Our incredible service includes personalized account configuration to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Customizable Packages

We’ll help you design the screening packages to best suit your recruiting strategy. Our configuration tool gives you the ability to add a la carte services if you choose while maintaining a consistent process for all applicants/recruits.

Client Determined User Permission Levels

We help you manage access rights for your organization. Users can be configured to just view reports, or order and view reports. We make it easy to maintain security.

Streamlined Ordering Process with Recruiter or Applicant Input of Required Information

Complete the necessary information data fields yourself or allow our system to invite the applicant to respond. Studies show more accurate information will be used to complete the background check when the applicant completes the online form themselves.

Electronic Signature Capability

In compliance with all Federal e-Sign regulation, our electronic signature functionality collects the e-signature, quickly and easily from the applicant.

Real-Time Access to Integrated Data Sources

Many of PLS’s data sources are available with real-time or near real-time access. Make your hiring and recruiter decision with convenient access to the information you need now.

Red Light/Yellow Light/Green Light Adjudication

Let us help you weed through the comprehensive, compliant background results by delivering a preliminary assessment to the report based on your decision criteria. 

In Depth Management Reports

Our online and ad hoc management reports help you measure the success of your program by making available analytics at your fingertips.

Proactive Customer Notifications

At regular intervals, if your desire, we’ll supply detailed emails with the status of your reports. We hope you never have to call us for status of a check.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integrations

Our workflow can be easily integrated with all of the major ATS systems in the market today.

Thorough Compliance Handling

We can help fulfill your obligations for state and Federal requirements.

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